30 years for Blessed Sacrament School

Friday, May. 17, 2024
30 years for Blessed Sacrament School + Enlarge
Five eighth-graders will graduate from Blessed Sacrament Catholic School later this month.
By Special to the Intermountain Catholic

This year the Blessed Sacrament Catholic School community honors their 30th graduating class. Since 1994, Blessed Sacrament Catholic School has promoted 652 eighth grade students into high school. These students have gone on to become parents of current students, write award-winning books, become life-saving doctors and graduate college with honors, among other accomplishments. Each student leaves a unique mark on the world, and Blessed Sacrament Catholic School swells with pride for all of them. Of these students, 380 are “lifers” who have attended the school from kindergarten all the way to eighth grade. Whenever students enter the school’s big blue doors, school officials hope they feel safe and supported, and when they exit for the last time they are encouraged to achieve their greatest aspirations. All graduates are part of the Blessed Sacrament Community of Caring now and forever, and Bianca, Liam, Aidan, Jeremiah and Gabriel are now welcomed into the school’s network of alumni.

Courtesy of Blessed Sacrament Catholic School

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