Commission for People with Disabilities

Friday, May. 14, 2010
By The Most Rev. John C. Wester
Bishop of Salt Lake City

I was very happy to meet with the Diocesan Commission for People with Disabilities.  These dedicated persons work very hard to see that our churches, schools and buildings are all safe and accessible for those with disabilities. I am always amazed at how hard they work and with great devotion. There are many aspects of our structures that can be obstacles to those with disabilities, which in some cases make it impossible for them to join us for liturgies or meetings. By working with our pastors and principals, we are making our diocese ever more “friendly” for those with disabilities. One of our decisions at the meeting was to focus not on the disability but the countess abilities that people have. We are using the phrase, “Catholics Can…” to emphasize the great contributions people make to our Church regardless of the limitations that we all have in one way or another. My hat is off to this splendid commission, and I am very grateful to Carol Ruddell and Dolores Lopez.

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