Honors are given during Employee Inservice Day

Friday, Mar. 18, 2011
Honors are given during Employee Inservice Day + Enlarge
Bishop John C. Wester congratulates Msgr. Terence Moore (left) on receiving the Christ the Teacher Award for his faithful service to Catholic schools.

SALT LAKE CITY — Monsignor Terence Moore, pastor of Saint John the Baptist Parish, was honored with the Christ the Teacher award, and teachers were honored for their years of service, at the Utah Catholic Schools Inservice Day held at Judge Memorial Catholic High School March 11. Certificates also were given to the Outstanding Employees of 2011.

Holy Cross Sisters Catherine Kamphaus, superintendent of Catholic Schools, and Genevra Rolf, associate superintendent, presented Msgr. Moore with the Christ the Teacher award in recognition of his many years of faithful service and commitment to Catholic schools in the Diocese in Salt Lake City.

Msgr. Moore was born and raised in Ireland and ordained in 1967 for the Diocese of Salt Lake City in the Cathedral of the Assumption in Thurles, Ireland. He received his master’s degree in social work from the Catholic University of America in 1972 and his doctorate in social work from the University of Utah in 1981.

"He was honored nationally by Catholic Charities for helping settle thousands of refugees in Utah and subsequently became the director of Catholic Community Services," said Sr. Genevra.

He also served as pastor of four parishes before becoming the founding pastor of Saint John the Baptist Parish.

"We honor today Msgr. Moore, who is somebody who teaches as Jesus did," said the Most Rev. John C. Wester, bishop of Salt Lake City, in his homily. "He is loving, shows compassion, kindness, tolerance, affirms people, is filled with joy, is a lilt of Irish laughter, is strong and wise. "Msgr. Moore has given us an example of how Jesus taught and continues to teach through him.

"Teachers are involved as human beings as external, living, symbols and signs, and that is part of who we are, the way we look, the words we use and actions we perform," Bishop Wester also said in his homily. "Whatever we do externally must grow from that interior relationship we have with the risen Lord.

"The externals are important, but where the teaching really takes place is in the relationships the teachers have with their students," the bishop said. "The classroom qualifies as a symbol of the glorious and transcendent place of God where, in a mysterious way, Christ is at work in us and in the students as these relationships continue to grow and to deepen."

In her keynote address, Dr. Kandie Brinkman, Judge Memorial Catholic High School theology teacher and University of Utah professor, said the classroom is a place of faith formation. She gave an introduction on James Fowler’s theories of moral development and the teachers furthered the discussion in workshops throughout the day. The workshops were based on each of the different grade levels.

"We are formed at school, at work, in marriage and single life," said Brinkman. "We are formed as educators, mothers, fathers, and it is these dynamics that we bring into the classroom. Students read the teachers in many ways: clothes, haircuts, persons of faith, personality and integrity. We need to think about where they are and bring them to be Christ centered. Students are influenced by culture, family, friends and school. They receive information and are formed by the social media, culture and society as well as their community of faith. In the classroom, we hope to give students the tools to go into the world and be better people."

A complete list of award recipients follows.

Outstanding Employees 2011

Blessed Sacrament   - Ron Reaume

Ron Reaume started his career at Blessed Sacrament School as a parent over 20 years ago.  As a parent, he served in the capacity of a room parent, was an avid parent helper in the classroom, worked as a substitute teacher, and served on the H.S.A. committee in several areas.  After Ron's retirement from his career as a commercial pilot, he has continued to serve the Blessed Sacrament community.  For the past 10 years, he has continued as a substitute teacher in grades 3-8 and has taken on several assignments in the Learning Resource Center.  He is the head of the Horizon Program-our accelerated learner program.

J.E. Cosgriff - Sue Sause 

Sue Sause, our 3rd grade teacher, is an outstanding educator. She creates an atmosphere of excitement for learning in her classroom. Her passion for teaching and positive attitude inspires her students. She designs projects and lessons that spark the imagination as well as develop critical skills. Mrs. Sause’s students “love” being in her class where they are able to feel safe, challenge themselves, and develop self-confidence. Sue has a keen sense of fairness, humor, and an incredible work ethic all employed to give the absolute best to each and every student.  

Kearns-Saint Ann - Paula Roy 

Mrs. Paula Roy currently teaches Middle School Mathematics, Pre-Algebra, and Algebra, and also teaches Computer skills to students in Third through Eighth Grade.   The cornerstone of her life is her Catholic faith, and her deep commitment to her faith is part of the reason she teaches at Kearns-Saint Ann School.  This is her ministry, and she views each student as part of that ministry.  Her enthusiasm and expertise empowers her students to excel.  She regularly takes classes herself, and brings the knowledge she acquires into her classroom, sharing her excitement with students and with colleagues.  She is our resident computer guru, and often helps colleagues when technology issues arise.  Paula regularly and joyfully walks the extra mile for her students.                                   

Madeleine Choir - Megan Peterson 

Megan is our third grade teacher. Megan makes herself available to tutor any student in the school. She is incredibly generous with her time. She is currently working towards her Masters in teaching. Megan creates an incredible learning environment for her students. Some of the teachers and staff noted:  “She lives Christian Values.”   She is blessing and an incredible role model.”   “Her teaching practices are innovative.”   She demonstrates caring and respect for her students.”  

Our Lady of Lourdes - Karen Streeter

Karen Streeter has taught both middle school and first grade.  Karen holds a regular homework lab Monday through Thursday afternoons from 3:00-4:00 to help her students with their homework and organizational skills.  While Karen Streeter was an excellent teacher at every level, perhaps her greatest skill is her ability to connect with her middle school students.  At a time in their lives when these young adults are struggling with so many influences and new feelings, Karen's students feel comfortable talking with her.  She helps them to understand their emerging feelings and to use their faith to help them make good choices.  This year Karen was recognized as the NCEA Southwest Region Distinguished Teacher of the Year 

Saint Andrew - Mary Andreason 

Mary Andreason joined the Saint Andrew faculty in its founding year, having taught many years in the Granite School District. She brought her years of experience and tried and true ideas to help formulate the schools policies, curriculum, mission statement, and general mode of operation. With her background she is the logical choice to be a mentor for our new PACE teacher for the last two years. Other teachers go to her for advice and support. Mary is always there with a smile and her sense of humor to put them at ease. The students enjoy Mrs. Andreason while making great academic strides during their first grade year. She challenges each student to do their best and reach their potential. Her former students fondly call her Mrs. A, giving her hugs in the hall.  

Saint Francis Xavier - Kevin Condas 

Mr. Kevin Condas is 1985 graduate of Judge Memorial High School.  Kevin holds two bachelor degrees from the University of Utah in Family and Consumer Affairs and Sociology.  He also has a Master of Arts in Communication from New Mexico University. Kevin and his wife Becky are dedicated members of St. Francis Xavier Parish and their two children, Manny (7th) and Maggie (4th), attend St. Francis Xavier School.  Kevin dedicates his time to St. Francis as a middle school math teacher and volunteer athletic director. Whether Kevin is teaching or administrating, he demonstrates Catholic values on a daily basis, modeling prayer, respect, and humility for students, parents, and coworkers.  As a teacher, Kevin shows care and concern for his students’ academic, social, emotional, and spiritual well-being and growth.

Saint John the Baptist Elementary - Chris Benda 

Chris is a kind and loving teacher.  She goes the extra mile at Saint John the Baptist Elementary.  Whether it is staying up into the wee hours of the morning at the bedside of a child at the hospital, or simply being the one person a parent can rely on, Chris is there.  As a faculty member, Chris willingly assists with the school's day-to-day demands; from chairing the Emergency Procedures Committee to giving tours at Open Houses to creating symbols for the annual Advent or Lenten prayers.  The scope of Chris' time, talent and treasure spans across the Skaggs Catholic Center.  Like Mother Teresa, Chris "does small things with great love.” 

Saint John the Baptist Middle - Jean Synowicki 

Jean Synowicki came to us with a good deal of experience, fourteen years at the high school level in Omaha Nebraska. She is now in her eighth year of teaching at Saint John the Baptist Middle School. Jean has been an active, involved and enthusiastic teacher of math; her students love her and her class. She has been a team leader, a participant in re-writing the Math curriculum, a participant in a math, science and technology education initiative and most recently has been invaluable as a Team Leader in our Accreditation process. She is currently a candidate in the Diocesan Leadership Training Program. It is wonderful to have a creative and talented teacher that the administration can count on to help organize an event, motivate and supervise students, or volunteer to serve on a committee!  

Saint Joseph Elementary - Earl Pannebaker 

Mr. Earl Pannebaker provides vital support to Saint Joseph Catholic Elementary School. He has been an integral part of our Smart Board program, safety program, grants, and a help in many other areas of our school. He is the picture of what Saint Joseph School is about….a selfless, giving, kind, reliable person who displays great integrity.  He is out in the morning helping to greet our families and help students from their cars.  He is one of the first on site and works the whole day with us.  Earl does all of this without receiving one dime in compensation.  He is truly a model for all our community.

Saint Marguerite - Karen Rounds 

Mrs. Karen Rounds has been a member of Saint Marguerite School Preschool Program for more than twenty years.  She began teaching in 1990. During her twenty-one year tenure, Mrs. Rounds has become a legend. She is the three-year old program. Mrs. Rounds has taught over 500 students. She has seen the school move from the Old Convent located on Utah Avenue to the basement of the Church and soon will move again to the new educational building. 

Saint Olaf - Laurie Jacobs 

Each day her joyful spirit enlivens our space with humor and laughter.  Her response, “I’ll do it!” is always the first when there is a need for someone to do additional projects or duties. Always an optimist, Laurie watches for positive behavior and is quick to recognize and praise such behaviors.Her untiring efforts in planning academic learning activities to meet each child’s unique needs are inspiring. The way she presents lessons ensures the students will remember the concept forever.  Endless hours are spent outside of school time. First grade parents were thrilled last spring to learn that their child’s Kindergarten teacher was going to be their Second Grade teacher. Parents honor and respect Laurie and the importance she has in their lives of their children.  

Saint Vincent de Paul - Scott Larrabee 

Scott is a native of Utah and attended St. Olaf’s and Judge Memorial. He has a bachelor’s degree in music education from DePaul University in Chicago and a master’s degree in theology from Loras College in Dubuque, Iowa. Scott has extensive choral directing experience directing the professional Assumption Festival Choir in downtown Chicago and the Collegiate Singers at the University of Dubuque. He also has been a church musician for twenty years. Scott has been at St. Vincent de Paul School for five years where he has tirelessly built our band and music programs to include: a beginning band, an Honor band, a children’s choir, a hand bell choir, a guitar program and a middle school percussion program.  Scott also spends a considerable amount of his own time preparing for special events throughout the year, programs such as the school Christmas program, monthly prayer services, and Missoula Children’s’ Theater.  

Juan Diego Catholic High School - Marianne Rozsahegyi 

Marianne came to our school in 2000. She has served as a teacher of Theology and as its department chair. She started our Human Rights International (HRI) Club and has led its efforts to sponsor an annual film festival, several justice causes and our affiliation with the Invisible Children organization, a group committed to helping protect young children from the ravages of a civil war in Kenya. In 2008, thanks to the efforts of Marianne and HRI, Invisible Children named Juan Diego as a “Legacy School” for our work in helping their cause. Currently, Marianne is the Director of Faculty Development at Juan Diego, where she mentors new teachers, supports all teachers, leads our technology initiative and provides support for the school's academic council. In short, Marianne is a master Catholic school educator. She has the vision and values to impact learning and does this both as a master classroom teacher and a leader of teachers in our school.  

Juan Diego Catholic High School - John Moran 

John's many roles at the Skaggs Catholic Center include scheduling and coordinating our facilities for all internal and external events on our campus, managing the school's busing program and serving as the boys’ and girls’ swim coach. John is often the first person that many outsiders encounter when they interact with anyone on campus. He makes a good first impression. He is a good leader who helps to coordinate the challenges that event planning and bus service entail. He has developed a swim program from scratch with students whose first exposure to the sport is often when they join the team at Juan Diego. This past year he served as the president of the swim association and was also recognized by his fellow swim coaches as the 3A Coach of the Year. John is an enthusiastic ambassador for Catholic education and the Skaggs Catholic Center. His friendly disposition, positive attitude and willingness to work with all people, make him a valued staff member and a real treasure for our schools.

Judge Memorial Catholic High School - Stan Finn 

Stan lives and breathes Judge Tradition. There is nothing that Stan won’t do here at Judge, and everything Stan does is done with excellence. From library assistance, to classroom substitution, to lunch time monitoring, to running athletic events, to coaching, to keeping athletic books, to tracking the successes of our alumni in college and beyond, Stan does it all. There are no “standard work hours” for Stan. He’s here for Judge, whenever needed. And more importantly, he’s here for the students. He is respectful to everyone with whom he comes in contact: students, athletes, coaches, teachers, staff, officials, parents, alumni, friends and supporters. He puts into practice what we in Catholic Schools preach. We at Judge are very lucky to have someone with Stan’s integrity as part of our community.  

Saint Joseph Catholic High School - Peggy Barker All educators need to be able to draw the line, understand shades of gray, complete a blank canvas with clear and compelling images, mold, shape, trim and sculpt ideas.  Peggy is a master practitioner of these skills, and not primarily because she is an accomplished artist in many media.  The skilled work of her hands, guiding the unskilled work of their hands, is the means by which Peggy brings out the student within the student.  Under her careful teaching, a quarter century of students have come to know themselves better, finding themselves expressed in the paint and sculpture and found art they produced. They have flourished under her quiet guidance and nurturing.  The Saint Joseph student Peggy taught (and that was most of them) progressed greatly in the work of shaping their lives through the art she brought out in them, by the practice of her two master arts, that of the visual and that of teaching.  



5 yrs.     Matt DeVoll

5 yrs.     Debbie Gallagher

5 yrs.     Jennifer Vanderbeek

10 yrs.   Terry Nielsen

10 yrs.   Dorothy Soklaski


5 yrs.     Marisa Wilson

10 yrs.   Kay Bush

10 yrs.   Tammy Cleverly

15 yrs.   Lisa Romero

25 yrs.   Didrian Euan


10 yrs.   Bob Richter

25 yrs.   Kathleen McMahon

25 yrs.   Mary Theresa Flaim Sena


5 yrs.     Sarah Don

5 yrs.     David Hansen

5 yrs.     Megan McGill

5 yrs.     Jennifer Payne

5 yrs.     Megan Peterson

10 yrs.   Melanie Malinka


5 yrs.     Katherine Moose


No receipts this year.



5 yrs.     Robyn Johnson

10 yrs.   Connie Aiello

10 yrs. Vicky Simpson


5 yrs.     Mary Cresci

5 yrs.     Rhea Gray-Eggert

5 yrs.     Allison Kulig

5 yrs.     Traci O’Nash

5 yrs.     Christine Rauterkus

5 yrs.     Shauna Roberts

5 yrs.     Mary Teasdale

10 yrs.   Christine Benda

10 yrs.   Patricia Brenneisen


5 yrs.     Cole Hights

10 yrs.   Maria Moynihan


10 yrs.   Rachael Kiernan

10 yrs.   Benito Magana

15 yrs.   Nancy Essary

30 yrs.   Cathy Platz


5 yrs.     Deanna Bell



5 yrs.     Laurie Jacobs

5 yrs.     Heidi Badda


5 yrs.     Kara Haney

5 yrs.     Amy Johnson

10 yrs.   Carol Barman

10 yrs.   Patricia Bradley

15 yrs.   Gary Green

15 yrs.   Mary Williams


5 yrs.     Christine Celestino

5 yrs.     David Faires

5 yrs.     Kelly McBride

5 yrs.     James McGee

5 yrs.     Christine Petrone

5 yrs.     Sharon Shelkey

10 yrs.   Amanda Clark

10 yrs.   Tammara Kuramato

10 yrs.   Carolyn Schnurr

15 yrs.   Angela Serzen


5 yrs.     Barry Bell

5 yrs.     Darin Hathaway

5 yrs.     Sherrie Knuth

5 yrs.     Ken Lewis

5 yrs.     Bobby Morgan

10 yrs.   Ramira Alamilla

10 yrs.   Stanley Finn

10 yrs.   Joan Jensen

10 yrs.   Christine Koles

10 yrs.   Emilie Liabenow

15 yrs.   Kandie Brinkman

15 yrs.   Dr. Corenthia Qualls

20 yrs.   Rosie Driver

25 yrs.   Wayne Hentschel

25 yrs.   Gabrielle Thomas


5 yrs.     Monika Serbinowski

25 yrs.   Peggy Barker

25 yrs.   Kim Beger


5 yrs.     Lori Boland

5 yrs.     Adam Walz

10 yrs.   Kim Darby

10 yrs.   Gayleen Hebert



5 yrs.     Erin McMullin



15 yrs.   Mary Kaye Laabs-Johnson



15 yrs.   Sr. Genevra Rolf, CSC

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