'Red Shoes' speaker coming to Judge Memorial CHS

Friday, Jan. 12, 2018
'Red Shoes' speaker coming to Judge Memorial CHS + Enlarge
Lonnie Mayne
By Linda Petersen
Intermountain Catholic

SALT LAKE CITY — Internationally renowned motivational speaker Lonnie Mayne will share his Red Shoes philosophy – that of standing out from the crowd in everything one does – with the Judge Memorial Catholic High School community and the public in an upcoming presentation.

Mayne is coming to the school at the request of Bobbie Morgan, director of counseling and student services. Mayne presented at a Utah State Office of Education suicide prevention summit in September that Morgan and school vice president Louise Hendrickson attended, and they were both very impressed by his message, Morgan said.

Mayne travels the world, sharing his Red Shoes concept with businesses and corporations looking for a “reset,” he said. His clients have included Saks 5th Avenue, Chase Bank, Lord & Taylor, Hudson Bay, Express, Hertz, Tony Roma’s, McDonalds and Yogurtland. Recently, his four children have suggested his message would resonate with their peers. So, Mayne, a Park City resident, decided to make room in his schedule to spend time with local schools.

Judge Memorial will be the third school he has visited.

“If I’m in town, and I have the time available, I’m there,” he said, adding that he has tailored his message to the high school demographic.

A former CEO of Inmoment, a high-tech customer experience optimization company, Mayne always longed to be able to give back in a meaningful way, but never had the time, he said. Last February, he decided to step away from the fast-paced world and do something different, he said.

These days, Mayne is CEO of Red Shoes Living, a culture company that educates people on standing out in the way they live, the way they interact with others and their overall contribution in the world. This new focus is a win-win situation, he said.

 “I’m now doing my life’s work in the corporate world. It’s an opportunity to give back in way that is meaningful. The noise of the world gets so incredibly loud, we start to forget about the basic things like kindness and respect” and the Golden Rule, he said.

The Red Shoes philosophy encompasses five pillars: Awareness: (being aware of the good things and taking the time to capture those moments);  Gratitude: (being grateful); Everyone Has a Story (taking the time to get to know other people) ; Respect and Kindness (treating others as we would wish to be treated) and Put Yourself Out There (to stand out like red shoes).

“When I first heard about the five pillars, it really resonated with me,” Morgan said. “No matter what religious or cultural background you come from, it has value. It’s a way to just live your life. … People have difficulty in life for several reasons. This philosophy gives them a true north to where they need to come back to.”

Mayne’s message dovetails nicely with the school’s theme this year, which is “Stay Gold,” and which motivates students to practice the Golden Rule, she said. Morgan and other faculty members have been sharing that message all year long in the students’ advisory periods, a and just before Christmas they had an assembly on mindfulness.

Mayne will make a presentation to a school assembly as well as the public one in the evening. Students will have follow-up sessions in their advisory classes to reinforce the concepts of Mayne’s presentation and help them apply them to their own lives, Morgan said.

Judge Memorial CHS sponsors presentations like this about once a quarter.

WHAT: Lonnie Mayne presentation

WHEN: Jan. 24, 6:30 p.m.

WHERE: Judge Memorial CHS, 650 South 1100 East, Salt Lake City

Free and open to the public.


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