Soccer Challenge

Friday, Oct. 09, 2020
Soccer Challenge + Enlarge
By Special to the Intermountain Catholic

The Utah Knights of Columbus held their annual Soccer Challenge Oct. 4 at St. Marguerite Parish. Winners, by age group, were Girls-9: none; Boys-9: Dalton Whittle, St. Marguerite; Girls-10: none; Boys-10: Caleb Barry, St. Marguerite; Girls-11: Isabel Wilcox, St. Marguerite; Boys-11: none; Girls-12: Maryann Emefo, St. Marguerite; Boys-12: none; Girls-13: Madison Yeager, Hill Air Force Base; Boys-13: Franklin Wilcox, St. Marguerite; Girls-14: none; Boys-14: Luke Whittle, St. Marguerite.

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