Sr. Kathleen Moroney Legal Service Awards Presented

Friday, Jun. 14, 2019
Sr. Kathleen Moroney Legal Service Awards Presented + Enlarge

At the May 30 Sister Kathleen Moroney Legal Service Award Luncheon several groups and individuals were recognized by Holy Cross Ministries. The awards honor individuals and organizations in the legal immigration law sphere who share HCM’s vision for just, compassionate, sustainable and inclusive communities. Pictured at near left is Leonor Perretta, whose firm received the Philanthropic Firm of the Year award. She received the award from Marlene Gonzalez (far left) whose firm was honored with the award in 2018. Moab Valley Multicultual Center was honored as Innovative Agency of the Year.  Tanya Micic and Anbna Springer, received the Moroney Legal Service Award. The Legal Service Award Luncheon was established last year to commemorate Sister Kathleen Moroney’s contributions to Utah’s legal immigration community through her work in founding the Legal Immigration Department at Holy Cross Ministries.

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