St. Olaf offers 'village' for kids

Friday, Jan. 20, 2017
St. Olaf offers 'village' for kids + Enlarge

By Cathy Moore
Special to the Intermountain Catholic
BOUNTIFUL —  It is 7:50 and a new day dawns in the village that is Saint Olaf School.
 As the car drop-off line winds its way through the parking lot, volunteer parents open car doors to welcome each child to a new day of school. Throughout our school day, students continue to experience the care of all the stakeholders in the ‘village.’
The students are united in their support for each other. Older students give special attention to younger children. Every student knows the names of others in the school.
Walking through the halls, middle schoolers give high-fives to their little friends. If a younger student is struggling with boots or jacket zippers, there is a ready hand to help. The students are gifts of joy to those who teach them as they bring ready smiles and warm the hearts of the faculty and staff.
Parents, as the primary educators of their children, are the basic cell that builds our village. The tireless support for their children helps each one rise as a learner. Parents also expand the borders of their own family unit as they are present to the needs of other families. This community of families helps each other in need, and celebrates special events in their lives together.
But our village could not thrive without the faculty and staff. A united effort provides for a peaceful environment in which students don’t just learn, but also grow in their love of their faith, and feel safe, secured and loved. We join together to pray daily and share our stories. Everyone in our village is known by name.
We are not an isolated village. Our relationships and influence spread throughout the parish and community. The parish members are actively interested and involved in the everyday life of our school. Monthly ‘casual for a cause’ donations provide money for many worthy causes. In turn, students offer service to the community through family activity projects. The Bountiful mayor has visited the school twice since he has been in office. Students raised money to give to the local police department for special needs, and for the Bountiful food pantry. The community acknowledges the importance of our visible presence.
Yes, it takes a village to raise a child, and we are grateful for those who join with us in our mission to educate in all aspects of life those students who are entrusted to us.
Courtesy of St. Olaf Catholic School

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