Students depict historical people at 'Wax Museum'

Friday, Apr. 13, 2018
Students depict historical people at 'Wax Museum' + Enlarge
By Special to the Intermountain Catholic

SANDY — The gym at Blessed Sacrament Catholic School wasn’t just a gym on the morning of March 13, it was transformed into a museum representing many interesting and significant people through time in what the school calls the 4th-grade Wax Museum.

The 4th-graders spent part of their third quarter, about a month, reading historical biographies and researching one significant person of their choosing. Some students were interested in historical persons like Blackbeard, who was from the 1600s; others preferred modern people like Odell Beckam Jr., who was born in 1992.

Once their research was complete, the students wrote a report and created a display board with information and illustrations about their subject, the time they lived, and their significance in history.

The students’ efforts didn’t stop there. Each one found a costume to wear that represented their person, and on the morning of March 13 the 4th-grade class was replaced by significant people throughout time. There were athletes, Founding Fathers, singers and many more.

Each student had become an expert on their chosen person and they filled the gym with amazing characters. Soon, the Wax Museum was a busy information center, with visitors coming from the other classes as well as many family members coming to the school. Each student picked a pose and held it until a visitor asked them a question and pressed their “play” button. Once the question was answered the student returned to their character’s pose. Visitors left with smiles on their faces and an autographed page from the famous person at hand.

The event was a great success and the students were very proud of their Wax Museum. Each year, students entering 4th grade look forward to participating in the wax museum and the fun of choosing a historical character to learn about and represent. The rest of the students look forward to seeing what 4th grade has in store for them in the Wax Museum.

Courtesy of Blessed Sacrament School

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