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Local dignitaries react to seeing Pope Francis

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
Among the many Utahns who encountered Pope Francis during his visit to the United States were Senator Orrin Hatch and the Right Rev. Scott Hayashi, Bishop of the Episcopal Diocese of Utah, both of whom saw the Holy Father in Washington, D.C. 
In the Diocese of Salt Lake City, many Catholics watched live broadcasts of the pontiff’s speeches. At the Pastoral Center, daily Mass was rescheduled until after his presentations to the joint session of Congress and the United Nations General Assembly.

Pope urges U.S. Catholics to keep enthusiasm, welcome newcomers

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
PHILADELPHIA (CNS) — Pope Francis ended his trip to the United States with a call for Catholics to keep the enthusiasm of the visit, while continuing to welcome newcomers and care for creation. >>>

Parlez du Cafe

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
To submit items for this column, email to with Parlez du Cafe in  the subject line, or mail to 27 C St., Salt Lake City, UT 84103.  >>>

Seniors' retreat to focus on Works of Mercy

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
All Catholics in the Diocese of Salt Lake City age 50 and older are invited to participate in a retreat that will help them prepare to celebrate the Year of Mercy. >>>

Young mothers' retreat will offer spirituality, friendship

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
Mothers of young children who are seeking a few hours of prayer and encouragement are invited to an evening of reflection in the Diocese of Salt Lake City. >>>

October is Intermountain Catholic Month

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
It’s October, which means that the annual Intermountain Catholic subscription drive is underway. Each year we ask our current subscribers to renew their subscriptions, and we encourage others to re-subscribe or try us for the first time. >>>

Annual White Mass will focus on health care for refugees

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
SALT LAKE CITY — The third annual Diocese of Salt Lake City White Mass for medical and health care professionals will be celebrated on Oct. 10 in the Cathedral of the Madeleine, sponsored by the local chapter of the Catholic Medical Association. >>>

For the least of my brethren: Caring for creation in Malawi, Africa

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
Sunday, when we begin our year-long campaign in support of the dignity and sanctity of life. The clear connection between these two components of our faith recently was powerfully illustrated for me thanks to the generosity and great work of Catholic Relief Services, which is the international humanitarian agency of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops. With the financial backing of CRS, and a small contribution from the Diocese of Salt Lake City, I and a member of the Diocesan Peace and Justice Commission traveled with five other American delegates to Malawi, where we met Mrs. Ellison Nyrirenda and Mr. Yona Dankeni and learned how the sanctity and dignity of their lives, and many others, have been protected from the devastating blows of climate change.  >>>

Training for diocesan liturgical vocalists and guitarists

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
SALT LAKE CITY — Liturgical musicians in the Diocese of Salt Lake City will be able to hone their talents during the upcoming workshops sponsored by the Office of Liturgy. >>>

Viewpoint: Objections to communion from the chalice – and some answers

Friday, Oct. 02, 2015
A self-described “orthodox” Catholic recently told me of his objection to the reception of Communion to the chalice.
Here are his objections and my answers.
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