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Parish Festivals Around the Diocese

By Special to the Intermountain Catholic
As the summer gets under way, here are a few parish festivals to be placed on the calendar. >>>

Retiro de enriquecimiento familiar/En el espíritu de 'La alegría del amor' [Amoris Letitia]

Retiro de enriquecimiento familiar >>>

Family Enrichment Retreat: In the Spirit of 'The Joy of Loving' (Amoris Letitia)

"Couples and families in today’s world need accompaniment of tenderness, comfort and consolation instead of judgement and condemnation." >>>

Diocesan director of stewardship retires

Bishop Solis: “We appreciate your contribution to the work of the Church here in the Diocese of Salt Lake City. … And to your family, thank you for sharing John.” >>>

Rite of Candidacy for Ordination

Rite of Candidacy for Ordination >>>
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