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Thanksgiving message from Bishop Wester

By The Most Rev. John Wester
Bishop of Salt Lake City
Over the past several weeks, I have had many opportunities to reflect on the original celebration of Thanksgiving in the United States, when the Pilgrims gathered around the table with the Native Americans who befriended them after they came to these shores. Of course, we all know that the Pilgrims were immigrants seeking freedom from oppression, but that knowledge has particular meaning to me now because of my recent experiences. >>>

Utah Latinos react to President Barack Obama's immigration announcement

SALT LAKE CITY  — On Nov. 20, about 70 people gathered at Centro Civico Mexicano in downtown Salt Lake City to witness firsthand President Barack Obama’s executive order on immigration. >>>

Latinos en Utah reaccionan ante la acción ejecutiva del Presidente Barack Obama

SALT LAKE CITY  — El 20 de noviembre cerca de 70 personas se reunieron en el Centro Cívico Mexicano en el centro de Salt Lake City para presenciar de primer mano el discurso del Presidente  Barack Obama en cuanto a la Acción Ejecutiva en base a la inmigración. >>>

Reflections on liturgy to begin next Sunday in all parishes

Beginning the first Sunday of Advent and continuing through March, pastors throughout the Diocese of Salt Lake City will read from the pulpit a series of reflections on the liturgy. Following is the letter from the Most Rev. John C. Wester, Bishop of Salt Lake City, regarding these presentations. >>>
David Berceau, PC George Reade Berkshire Hathaway Congrats
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