Deacon Ricardo Arias

Deacon Ricardo Arias >>>

Seminaristas reciben ministerios

Seminaristas reciben

CFU event thanks donors, welcomes Bishop Solis

CFU event thanks donors, welcomes Bishop Solis >>>

Filipino community welcomes Bishop Solis

“What a beautiful representation of God’s people gathered around this altar,” the bishop said. “This is what the Church is all about. When we can come together, irrespective of our backgrounds and nationalities in order to celebrate this Filipino Mass. Yes, it is called a Filipino Mass, but there is only one Mass, the Mass that is God’s gift, given by Jesus Christ our Lord. So I hope that we will have more gatherings like this, where we do not recognize ourselves according to our nationalities, but we see ourselves simply as brothers and sisters here in one faith, one hope, one baptism and professing one Lord, Jesus Christ.” >>>

Diácono Ricardo Arias

Diácono Ricardo Arias >>>
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