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Responding to God's Call: 'God fills me,' says sister celebrating 25 years of religious life

By Marie Mischel
Intermountain Catholic
In the Bible and in the lyrics of the songs Sr. Lucia sang in the choir she heard over and over God’s call “to help the poor people, to reach out to others, to be nice, to be kind, to be generous, to forgive. ...” >>>

'El llamado vocacional nunca dejó de estar en mi corazón'

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Fr. David Gaeta appointed pastor of St. Peter Parish >>>

Responding to God's Call: Three sisters celebrate significant jubilees in their religious callings

Bishop Oscar A. Solis: "We lift our prayers in gratitude for your continued presence and ministry. ..." >>>

Responding to God's Call: Third-grader considers career as a priest

“When I first ate and drank the Body and the Blood, I felt good. ..." >>>
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