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Miracles attributed to Pope Paul VI, Romero clear way for sainthood

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
Miracles attributed to Pope Paul VI, Romero clear way for sainthood >>>

Brendan Thomas Gilchrist

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
Brendan Thomas Gilchrist >>>

Anne Scibor Smith

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
Anne Scibor Smith >>>

Genevieve Frances (Scott) McCauley

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
Genevieve Frances (Scott) McCauley >>>

Arles (Alice Frances) Silbernick, OSB

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
Arles (Alice Frances) Silbernick, OSB >>>

Should I Plan My Own Funeral?

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
"Making arrangements for the celebration of your funeral Mass and other related events is a very good thing to do. ..." >>>

Around the Diocese

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
To submit items for this listing, email to >>>

On Heaven and Hell

Friday, Mar. 16, 2018
In this context, then, it is worth pondering some words from Blessed John Henry Newman: “Heaven would be hell to an irreligious man.” >>>

Five years a pope: Francis' focus has been on outreach

Friday, Mar. 09, 2018
After the cardinal from Buenos Aires, Argentina, was elected March 13, 2013 and chose the name Francis, he made “go out,” “periphery” and “throwaway culture” standard phrases in the papal vocabulary. >>>

Lenten retreat: In a world of deception, people of faith must have integrity

Friday, Mar. 09, 2018
Men and women of faith should remember that “the truth is not something, but it is someone. It is the person of Jesus Christ, and each day when we get up, we have got to ask ourselves, ‘Am I going to be a man or woman of faith that lives in that truth, that is going to tell the truth, that is going to be the truth, that is going to try to live that truth?’” >>>
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