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Maria Olimpia Salazar Perea

Friday, Mar. 28, 2014
OGDEN — Maria "Mary" Olimpia Salazar Perea, 90, passed away March 5, 2014. >>>

John Chad Jarvis

Friday, Mar. 28, 2014
SALT LAKE CITY — John Chad Jarvis, 16, passed away Feb. 26, 2014. >>>

Richard Evert Carroll

Friday, Mar. 28, 2014
OGDEN — Richard Evert Carroll passed away March 6, 2014. >>>

Brother James (Anthony) Ornelas, S.S.S.

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014
Blessed Sacrament Brother James (Anthony) Ornelas, 58, died March 20 in Houston, Texas. >>>

Elect and Candidates are cause for rejoicing, Bishop Wester says

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014
SALT LAKE CITY — The Diocese of Salt Lake City held three celebrations of the Rite of Election of Catechumens and of the Call to Continuing Conversion of Baptized Candidates this year to accommodate the 199 catechumens and 114 candidates from parishes throughout the diocese who participated in the rites. >>>

El Obispo Wester dice que los Candidatos y Elegidos son motivos de alegría

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014
SALT LAKE CITY — La Diócesis Católica de Salt Lake City celebró tres Ritos de Elección de Catecúmenos y los Candidatos Bautizados llamados a Continuar su Conversión en donde participaron 199 catecúmenas y 114 candidatos de las parroquias a lo largo de la diócesis. >>>

Bishop Wester honored by Utah Catholic Schools

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014
DRAPER — March 14 was a red-letter day for the Most Rev. John C. Wester, who celebrated not only the seventh anniversary of his installation as Bishop of Salt Lake City, but also received the 2014 Christ the Teacher Award by Utah Catholic Schools. >>>

Lenten retreat at St. Francis of Assisi focuses on the Seven Deadly Sins

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014
OREM — A small group in Orem spent the second Saturday of the Lenten season reflecting on how to overcome capital sins during a retreat at Saint Francis of Assisi Parish. >>>

2014 Utah Legislature rejects many bills that reflect Catholic values, particularly the needs of the poor

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014
Pope Francis reminds us regularly that our priority as Catholics is the needs of the poor. Unfortunately, much of that message was lost at the 2014 Utah legislative session. >>>

Advancing the roles of women in the Church

Friday, Mar. 21, 2014
The Church continues to be at a loss as to how to advance the roles of women in its administrative structures. While the Church does not see its way to the priestly and episcopal ordination of women, some responsible scholars have argued that there exist no doctrinal reasons impeding women from being ordained to the diaconate. Likewise, the question of appointing women to the College of Cardinals – because this does not require holy orders – has been raised intermittently since the Second Vatican Council. >>>
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